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Swing Mat™

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Perfect Impact Everytime

Knowing where your club makes the first contact is critical. No matter if you are practising or hitting the ball, your club will leave a temporary mark on the mat. 
Analyze your swing after each shot and improve distance shots.

 Say Hello to Straight Balls

Our mat enables you to know where your club made first contact at every swing: good contact with golf ball is key and Analyze the club path after your swing: train to get it on line consistently.

Portable & Compact

Our swing mat is small and portable, you can take it to practice anywhere: your office, home, or outdoors! We recommend you use soft balls to practice indoors.The bag that comes with it make it easy to transport. 


Premium Material

Our swing mat is made of premium material. High-quality rubber at the bottom - turf heating surface simulates real fairway. Allows a true feeling of hitting, driving and chipping.

It has rubber bottom to prevent the mat from slipping even on your house's floor.


I am in love with this machine, I am on paleo and was making my own ice cream in my high tech blender, it was a pain and took forever. Now I'm able to make ice cream quick and easy, and I can't believe how easy it is to clean all the parts (was half expecting the terror of a juicer). I highly recommend this for healthy, fast ice cream with a quick cleanup, thanks fruitify!