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Acupressure Mat

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This acupuncture massager mat is made of fine cotton and plastic, it's excellent for users who sit before computer for all day long as well as active individuals and athletes. The spike yoga mat adopts scientific design, effectively massage pressure points and help release tight muscles, pain relief as well as relieve stress.
Large enough to fit your full back, with a pillow, which is covered in acupressure points for neck support, great for pain relief. This accupressure body mat can improve your blood circulation and promote metabolism, making you much stronger and healthier.
It helps reduce muscle tension and back pain by simply laying on the accupressure massage mat for 10-30 minutes everyday. A little painful at first then warm then pain goes away, which can help you have a good sleep after use. No need to go out to the gym, just enjoy it at home.
Easy to keep it clean because it's detachable, you can wash and clean it. Cost-effective, no need to afford a massage every week or every month, this acupuncture mat helps by stimulating blood flow to those contracted areas, making you much stronger and healthier.


I am in love with this machine, I am on paleo and was making my own ice cream in my high tech blender, it was a pain and took forever. Now I'm able to make ice cream quick and easy, and I can't believe how easy it is to clean all the parts (was half expecting the terror of a juicer). I highly recommend this for healthy, fast ice cream with a quick cleanup, thanks fruitify!