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Golf Iron Sharpener

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Golf Iron Sharpener

Clean and restore the sharpness of your club’s grooves

The golf club groove sharpener extends the life of your irons and wedges, keeping them sharp and clean - giving your trusted clubs a new lease of life.

This golf tool sharpens, cleans, and extends the useful life of your club head - removing particles of dirt, sand, and grit that build up over time, whilst also sharpening the edges. Increasing the ability of your golf club to impart backspin, giving you more control of the ball as you strike it.


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Only the cover & filling is machine washable, please do not include the electric motor when washing

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I am in love with this machine, I am on paleo and was making my own ice cream in my high tech blender, it was a pain and took forever. Now I'm able to make ice cream quick and easy, and I can't believe how easy it is to clean all the parts (was half expecting the terror of a juicer). I highly recommend this for healthy, fast ice cream with a quick cleanup, thanks fruitify!